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YAR Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Descriptions —DRAFT


Session One

McLaren Hall

YELLOW Room 1: June Jordan—B*&%ch Bad: How the Media Influences Sexism

In this workshop, we will discuss how the media is negatively portraying men and women of color. Rather than leading our youth of color towards self-love, liberation, and enlightenment, the media is teaching our youth to value sexism and internalize oppression. Join us as we deconstruct/demystify/debunk the media and how it influences all of us.

ORANGE Room 2: Mission: Blackophobia: We Have a Black President, but Racism Is Not “Over”

Racism is not “over” and the oppression of African Americans, specifically youth, is alive to this day.  This workshop sheds light on the first hand experiences of youth who have been racially profiled because of the color of their skin. Come learn about current hate crimes and how to break down prejudices and stereotypes that lead to violent acts and the oppression of African Americans.

RED         Room 3: Youth Advisory Board. Balboa HS: Abuses and Excuses

Three short forum theater pieces will be presented where one person in a couple has trouble maintaining a healthy relationship due to blackmailing, suicidal threats or bad advice. Join us in this interactive workshop.

Fromm Hall

GREEN   Maier Hall:           Galileo                    Yes Means Yes…Can I Hit or Nah?

Can I hit or nah? Are you ready for sex? Do you ever have the chance to say YES to sex? Come check us out find out about the YES means YES Campaign!

PURPLE                   Xavier Chapel     Galileo                   Mi Corazon Espinado

Is your relationship full of DRAMA? Does it sound like a soap opera, or is it full of emotions like a NOVELLA. Come find out where your relationship stands, is it healthy or unhealthy?

PINK       Maraschi Room                   Lincoln                 #wedon’twantnoMUNIocre

Do you want MUNIocre? No. Are you sick of MUNI letting you down? Come learn how to make a change, and let us know what you really think. If it ain’t about the MUNI, don’t wake me up.

BROWN Berman Room   Lowell                     Don’t Hate on My Body

Have you ever felt insecure about your body? So have we.  Our workshop will help you understand why so many of us hate our bodies, and give you the spark to learn to love yourself.

DARK BLUE Broad Room Marshall.  See! They Deserved It! (how stereotypes justify violence and punishment)

Why is violence glamorized when we say we’re against it? Does it matter who is going the violence? Does it matter who the victim is? Murder is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people ages 15-25. This workshop will explore the ways in which stereotypes are used to justify violence. We will share skills that help us recognize and analyze stereotypes and examine the ways stereotypes have been used in the recent past. We will take a close look at state sanctioned violence and the community responses .

Session Two

McLaren Hall

YELLOW                 Room1: June Jordan—Real Talk: How Gentrification is Affecting SF Youth

In this workshop, we will discuss how gentrification is affecting our livelihood, education, and community. We will use “Talking Circles” practices to engage in authentic, equitable dialogue . Join us for some Real Talk on gentrification and what you can do about it.

ORANGE                 Room 2: Mission: What Would Your Momma Think? Stop Sexism and Violence Against Women in our US Culture

This workshop will address the culture of violence against women in the media, the NFL, video games, on college campuses and in our own schools.  This workshop is for students of all genders. We want to create awareness about the prevalence and influence of sexism, along with ways that we can start to change sexist ideas and stop the harassment and discrimination against women.

RED                           Room 3: Balboa—What Our Anger Might Be Hiding

Do you know someone who gets angry easily? Have you ever said something in the heat of the moment and regretted it later? Do people ever think you’re angry and mean when you’re not? The first step to dealing with anger is understanding it. Come explore what your anger triggers might be and how social norms shape our perceptions of this complicated emotion.

LIGHT BLUE          Cowell Hall

Room 1: Youth Council—Building the Ideal School

Fromm Hall

GREEN   Maier                     Burton                    EAT THIS!  

Eat This, Not That! Take a critical look at the foods that fill our corner store shelves. Learn to be a critical consumer and the consequences of not being one.

PURPLE                   Xavier Chapel   Galileo:                 The Hunger Games

Is self-confidence something you crave and hunger for? Are you full on the outside but on the inside you hunger for something deeper? When was the last time you fed yourself a plate of self-love with a side of confidence? Come fish for more than compliments at our Annual HUNGER GAMES, May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.

PINK       Maraschi              Lincoln                  #wedon’twantnoMUNIocre

Do you want MUNIocre? No. Are you sick of MUNI letting you down? Come learn how to make a change, and let us know what you really think. If it ain’t about the MUNI, don’t wake me up.

BROWN                  Berman                                    Lowell                     Feminism—Not Just For Women

Is Feminism dead? Can men be Feminists? Find out at our workshop, where we will break down what being a Feminist is and learn why Feminism benefits all of us today–both men & women.

DARK BLUE           Broad                      Lowell                     All Around the World in One City

We live in a diverse city. In our workshop, we will explore cultural diversity & learn why it is important to be open-minded & aware of the world cultures that are San Francisco.

Session Three

McLaren Hall

YELLOW                 Room1: Leadership: Touch the Sky: Self Esteem and You

In this workshop you will learn about what high and low self-esteem looks like and how to identify it in yourself, and how to raise your esteem.

ORANGE                 Room 2: Mission—Arab? Terrorist? Or Muslim? Islamophobia, Racism, and Prejudices towards people of unknown origins!

Come learn about how the media, SF MUNI buses and US foreign policy have worked hard to clump all Muslims into a few categories: Arab, Terrorist, Middle Eastern, etc. Students will walk away with a better understanding of who Muslims are and why the media vilifies them.

RED                           Room 3: Balboa—What is Perfect Anyways?

Have you ever wondered why so many people are unhappy with the way they look? Have you ever noticed how many commercials there are on TV for beauty and weightless products? We will examine how the media, ISM’s and capitalism shape our idea of the perfect body. Through skits, activities, and group challenges we’ll trace what’s behind this idea of perfection and who really benefits from it.

LIGHT BLUE          Cowell Hall          TAY-SF:   Transitions to Adulthood.

Learn from your peers and their lived experiences of what adulthood means to them.   What’s next after high school? Come find out.

Fromm Hall

GREEN                     Maier:                    Burton Self-Esteem: How to find your inner shine

In a world where our value is placed in the opinion of others it is easy to believe you’re not good enough. Learn methods to combat low self-esteem and let your true self shine.

PURPLE                                     Xavier:                   Galileo: Communication of the Dead

Do you walk around like a ZOMBIE and your life source is technology? Are we creating a world without human connection and no feelings? You talk to people but have no emotions, how can we break the barrier that technology has created for us? Let’s talk about it!

PINK                         Maraschi               Lincoln                                    0-100 Real Quick

Do you hear a lot of BANG, BANG? Does s#%t go down? Do you usually see the ops in your neighborhood? Is your hood not playin’ with nobody? Come to our workshop to learn how to increase the neighborhood peace!

BROWN                  Berman:                Lowell   Barbie @ GI Joe: Challenging America’s Perception of What is Beautiful

This workshop looks at body image & questions the US standard of female & male beauty. Forget the Beauty Guru! We want you to define beauty for yourself!

DARK BLUE           Broad                      OPEN