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It’s not possible to overstate this–Peer Resources changed my life. I was definitely depressed in high school, lonely and drifting listlessly through my days, and Peer Resources gave me real social support, and an outlet for my creativity, and a positive way to channel the energy that I had to better my school community. It was this wonderful positive feedback loop. The more that I got involved with Peer Resources, the more avenues it gave me to build and create a strong community of friends and other peer leaders, and the more I could see that my involvement was helping other students, and the stronger and happier I became, which only made me want to give back more to my community. I learned that participating in my community and advocating for others was a way of empowering myself. It helped me on the long road of learning to trust my voice. To this day I think about how I can get more Peer Resources in my life–I treasure how safe and excited and strong PR made me feel. It’s something I carry around with me always.
-Julianne Hing, Peer Resources class of 2003

5 out of 15: Peer Resources Coordinators who are also Peer Resources alumni and SFUSD graduates

“Last week there was a fight on campus between two boys that I had got between and I broke it up. A couple of months ago, I probably wouldn’t have done that. I probably would have been the person watching or one of the people in the fight. Peer Resources has helped me grow … and helped me become a better person and a role model.
-Kiana Helton, Peer Leader 2012

57%: decline in rate of suspensions from 2009-2010 to 2010-2011 at Abraham Lincoln High School, attributed in good part to Peer Resources-led conflict mediation program

“High school presented many challenges for me beyond academics. I was beginning to confront traumatic experiences from my early childhood while also dealing with a learning disability. I lacked the motivation, focus, and desire to become a successful student, and felt alienated among others. Needless to say, I was highly discouraged by a system of learning that was unfit for me and my needs.

Enter Peer Resources. For the first time, I felt encouraged to learn, and to push myself, both in and out of Peer Resources. I learned the value in helping others, a trait that has defined who I am today. Through Peer Resources, I managed to regain interest in schooling and dramatically improve my GPA. Most importantly I discovered that I was valuable and that I could be successful in any pursuit.

Why do we need a strong Peer Resources program in our children’s schools? The truth is, our current academic system fails to account for the variance in needs and personalities among students. It can be very harmful to a child when, for whatever reasons, they recognize that they are unfit for such a system. It is damaging to self esteem and to overall confidence. Peer Resources is a symbol of acceptance.

I am now an adult, 28 years old. Most recently I was titled Best Chef in India, where I currently live. I am very proud of my success. There is no doubt that Peer Resources has shaped the man that I have become.
-Alex Sanchez, Peer Resources class of 2002

15,197: hours of service provided by 500 Peer Leaders during the 2010-2011 school year

“As a former Peer Resources (PR) coordinator from ISA High School and Aptos Middle School for six years total, I learned the meaning of community, family, and love within my PR classroom. Not only am I still in touch with former students from my years as their teacher, but I was recently invited to attend a former student’s college graduation in New York State, one of very few of my students whom left the state of California for her college experience. When I asked this student why she thought we stayed in touch for so many years, she replied, “Why Ms. Moret, I learned to be me in your classroom. That’s how I was able to find the strength to succeed so far away from home.
-Lauren Moret, Peer Resources Coordinator 2003-2009

600: Peer Leaders across 14 middle and high schools annually

Peer Resources gave me the ability to think critically about myself, my feelings and the world around me. At such a young age these times can be trying, even difficult. Peer Resources gave me confidence and a wonderful feeling of belonging. The positive impact is great and incalculable.”
-Allen Molina, Peer Resources class of 2000

14,000: students served by Peer Leaders annually

“To make a long story short, my student thanked me for giving her the confidence to go to college at all. Furthermore, she said she would never have applied for the job of City College Ambassador if it wasn’t for her love of my class and Peer Resources. I was blown away by her writing and her thoughtful, self-reflective comments. This is one story. There are so many more, how much time do you have?”
-Jennifer Hammond, Mission High School Peer Resources Coordinator, 2007-13