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It’s not possible to overstate this–Peer Resources changed my life. I was definitely depressed in high school, lonely and drifting listlessly through my days, and Peer Resources gave me real social support, and an outlet for my creativity, and a positive way to channel the energy that I had to better my school community. It was this wonderful positive feedback loop. I learned that participating in my community and advocating for others was a way of empowering myself. It helped me on the long road of learning to trust my voice. I treasure how safe and excited and strong Peer Resource made me feel. It’s something I carry around with me always.

– Julianne Hing, 2003

726 – middle- and high-school students trained as Peer Leaders in 14 schools across San Francisco

141 – Peer Leaders in the Peer Resources Educator Pathway, training as future teachers

16,214 – Peers engaged, trained, and advocated for annually by Peer Leaders

Last week there was a fight on campus between two boys that I had got between and broke up. A couple of months ago, I wouldn’t have done that. I probably would have been the person watching or one of the people in the fight. Peer Resources has helped me grow and become a better person and a role model.

– Kiana Helton, Peer Resources class of 2012

292 – Conflicts mediated by Peer Leaders this year, including peer-to-peer conflict, and student-teacher conflicts

57% – decline in suspensions at a Peer Resources high school, attributed to Peer Resources-led conflict mediation program

169 – Support groups convened by Peer Leaders this year

201– Peer education workshops run by Peer Leaders this year

65 – New summer jobs offered to Educator Pathway students for paid work in the field of education

2 – Two of the six SFUSD graduates recognized by the Superintendent as outstanding graduates of 2017 are Peer Leaders in our Educator Pathway.  Congratulations to Nikki Whittaker and Yinia Yanez!

3 out of 14 – Peer Resources Coordinators who are also Peer Resources alumni and SFUSD graduates

Peer Resources gave me the ability to think critically about myself, my feelings and the world around me. At such a young age these times can be trying, even difficult. Peer Resources gave me confidence and a wonderful feeling of belonging. The positive impact is great and incalculable.

– Allen Molina, Peer Resources class of 2000