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San Francisco Educator Pathway Coalition


Believing that community change comes from within, the San Francisco Educator Pathway Coalition (SFEPC) creates and sustains an accessible school-to-liberation pipeline of educator leaders of and for the community.


Who We Are

The SFEPC believes in putting the needs of youth before those of any one organization. Together, we are bridging across the systemic gaps that appear in the face of our individual work. We are a Coalition of youth development organizations, expanded learning and youth worker employers, K-19 educational institutions, and community non-profits.


Members in the SFEPC include:

*Peer Resources serves as the lead agency of the SFEPC.



Recognizing that education is the foundation of a thriving democracy, we envision a public school system that is by and for the community, offering an education for liberation that fights the current school-to-prison pipeline. Our pipeline will foster and cultivate the innate richness in our community and our people. In this school system, young people, especially historically underserved youth, will know that they belong—that they are welcome, safe, and believed in by the institution. Furthermore, collectively, young people will be inspired, trained and supported to enter youth-serving fields, giving back to the neighborhoods and communities they grew in, and serving our next generation of leaders at the same time.



  1. Grow educator leaders of and for San Francisco who closely reflect the student population of San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD).
  2. Promote culturally responsive teaching pedagogies and practices grounded in equity.
  3. Sustain a strong collaboration among multiple organizations to collectively a) create a clear and equitable pathway to be an educator, particularly in SFUSD, and b) address community needs, rather than competing against one another
  4. Leverage work-based placements in expanded learning as clinical training apprenticeships for future educators.


Additional partners to the SFEPC include: