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Peer Resources: Educator Pathway

55% of Peer Resources alumni reported working in education, as teachers, counselors, administrators and youth workers.

Starting in 2014, Peer Resources began building a community leadership pipeline for our high-school age youth leading to careers in SFUSD.  Our goal is to grow transformative educator activists of and for San Francisco who embody and actualize education for liberation.  The framing vision for this Pathway recognizes that education is a community endeavor, and that the movement towards justice requires us all to be a part of it.  We choose to define success in life not as getting out of the community, but in being with community while addressing and transforming oppressive structures.

And there is an enormous need: not only is San Francisco currently encountering a huge teacher shortage, with the number of students enrolled in credential programs down by half since 2005; students also deeply want teachers who have their same lived experience.  Peer Resources youth and alumni can gain skills while filling a critical need for a next-generation impact.

Our high school Educator Pathway:

  • Trains over 140 students at three southeastern schools, Balboa, June Jordan, and Mission, as future educators for our community.  At these schools, 90% of youth are people of color, and over 70% qualify for free or reduced cost lunch.  A career as an educator represents a critical economic opportunity in life.
  • Students enrolled in the Educator Pathway take two Peer Resources classes, sequenced from 11th to 12th grade.  The 12th grade course is a dual-enrollment course with the University of San Francisco.  This means our students, if successful in the class, receive a transferable college credit, tuition free, while still in high school.
  • Educator Pathway leaders are provided priority access to paid summer jobs in the field of education, providing financial support, a greater adult and peer ally network, and the opportunity to continue practicing their skills of relationship building, lesson-planning, and group management.
  • The high school Educator Pathway connects with opportunities beyond high school, from the Peer Resources Alumni Intern Program (a paid job and workforce development program within Peer Resources for alumni), to partner organizations in the San Francisco Educator Pathway Coalition, for supports and opportunities in college, in youth development work, towards a teaching credential, and towards jobs in our public schools.

Click here for the most recent Peer Resources Educator Pathways Map as of August 2016.

For more information about the Educator Pathway, please contact Esther Flores, Peer Resources Educator Pathway Coordinator, at eflores at