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Peer Resources: Youth Council

Peer Resources works across schools and the city to facilitate intentional impact for all our city’s youth.


Youth Council
Peer Resources’ Youth Council are our youth leaders and voice whose participation and initiative drive the program as a whole forward. Comprised of two representatives per high school program, Youth Council meets weekly through the course of the year to learn about needs of youth across the city, organize and run Peer Resources’ annual Youth Are Resources Conference, disburse grant money to youth-led projects for just change, and to challenge and advise the Peer Resources management team on the future of the program.

Youth Are Resources Conference
One day every year, all Peer Leaders from all our partner schools come together to one place to educate and inspire one another as we build the greater community of agents of change in San Francisco.
Planned, organized, and emceed by Peer Resources’ Youth Council, the conference brings together up to 600 youth leaders who create and lead workshops for one another on topics ranging from bullying, peer pressure on ideals of beauty, healthy relationships, and racism. Recent youth-led workshops include: “Don’t Stand By, Be an Ally,” “Don’t Hate, Appreciate,” and “Stop Sippin’ the Haterade.”

The conference also features keynote speakers and a youth talent show.