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Out of School Time Programs

In our efforts to reach as many young people and schools as possible, Peer Resources also partners with after-school programs to implement our peer helping and advocacy curriculum and model. Our Peer Resources Coordinators for our after-school programs are both alumni of the program.


In 2012-2013, Peer Resources is partnered with the following after-school programs and schools:
• A.P. Giannini Middle School, Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center
• Marina Middle School, Presidio YMCA

Comprehensive Training for Peer Leaders
Peer Leaders enroll in the after-school Peer Resources program where they learn and develop communication, problem-solving, and team-work skills.

Direct Service for Students
Peer Leaders provide their fellow students peer mentoring, peer tutoring, peer conflict mediation, and peer education services.

School Wide Change
Peer Leaders identify a disenfranchised population at the school, analyze the barriers for those peers, and implement action plans and services to help individual students and to make systemic school change to eliminate the barriers.