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Posted by on Jul 26, 2017 in General | 0 comments

Summertime Reflections from Peer Resources Educator Pathway Program

From CTE Peer Resources Educator Pathway Coordinator, Esther Flores:

This summer sixteen Peer Resources Educator Pathway youth participated in SFUSD’s Summer Internship for Tomorrow’s Educators (SITE). Youth worked across the city with our community based organization partners at Jamestown, Bayview YMCA, Mission YMCA, and Aim High, as well as with summer school programs at Denman Middle School and June Jordan’s Summer Freedom School. In addition to being SFUSD employees students took a field experience course at CCSF to build their teaching and leadership skills. As a coordinator for the program it’s been incredibly heartwarming to hear youth talk about “my kids” and develop patience, love, and discipline for the young people they work with. At their job students have led lessons, helped lead restorative mediations, and learned best practices for engaging youth in fun and educational ways. It’s been amazing to see the growth and passion that students have for youth work.

Peer Leader Reflections:

“I think I have grown as a person while working at my site because i’ve learned how to have more patience with everyone not just the little kids. Something I learned about myself is that I might doubt myself a lot at the beginning but at the end of day I do my job and I actually do a pretty good job at it.” —Mariela Orozco

“I also achieved one of my skills goals which was strengthen my communication skills. Cause when I first started I was sort of shy to ask questions, but I’ve overcome that and I am just able to ask away. I think this was a skill that I needed to get because I don’t think I’d have the experience I am having now.”—E.J. Dionisio

SITE served a total of 68 students and is designed to expand career pathways into education. SITE is run by the College and Career Readiness department of SFUSD and paid for through the Walton Resolution.

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