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Research Curriculum

The curriculum below provides instructions on how to teach youth participatory action research. Youth participatory action research trains students in the research process.

The guide has several key components:

  • An overview introducing the concept of youth participatory action research.
  • Exercises illustrating the role of research in understanding a social problem, and advocating for change.
  • Suggested activities organized by each phase of the research project: (1) problem identification (i.e. selecting an issue), (2) data collection, (3) data analysis, and (4) implementing an action plan.

In each activity you will find: key concepts to teach students, and lessons that support those concepts.

This guide is the result of the work of many curriculum writers, including Gary Cruz, Anna Kashner and Lauren Moret from Peer Resources; Emily Ozer, Miranda Ritterman and Jeremy Kantor from UC Berkeley; Mariah Kornbluh and Sarah Marie Byrne from Michigan State University, and lesson ideas from Participatory Action Research, REAL and YELL at Stanford.  All sources are credited in the curriculum.